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BoA confesses all her love when launching the MV of the track “Feedback”.

At 6 pm (KST) on June 4, BoA‘s new song, “Feedback”, was released on digital music sites.

“Feedback” is a song that BoA has directly involved in every step, from composing, writing lyrics, arranging, producing. This is a retro dance-pop music with a cheerful atmosphere that harmonizes with the funky guitar sound and refreshing synthesizer sound. The lyrics of the songs show the direct but bold confession of a girl who wants to have a guarantee about love.

The combination of BoA and Nucksal – was also featured in this song and participated in the writing of the lyrics – has attracted great attention since news of the cooperation between the two was released. BoA’s pure voice, combined with the powerful rap of Nucksal, was enough to satisfy all the previous expectations of the public.

Always demonstrating the ability of a true singer and songwriter through a series of self-composed songs over time, BoA once again showed his broad musical potential through the new song “Feedback” this time around.


Source: OSEN

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