BIGBANG’s G-Dragon to open new ‘G-Dragon Cafe’ and bowling alley on Jeju island.

New G-Dragon cafe and bowling alley in Jeju Island

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon is opening a new ‘G-Dragon Cafe‘ and a bowling alley, adding news attractions in Jeju Island, for the K-pop fans!

G-Dragon has lately been up to a very unique project, not for himself but for the people visiting Jeju Island. The singer is opening a very beautiful modern designed ‘G-Dragon Cafe‘ and a bowling alley as well, which are each scheduled to open in February and March.

This project is even more meaningful to G-Dragon as he took part in designing and planning them from the beginning. The design of ‘G-Dragon Cafe‘ is inspired by the logo of his fashion brand PEACEMINUSONE. The bowling alley equipped with a lounge pub, comes as a result of G-Dragon’s idea that Jeju Island lacks leisure facilities that all family members can enjoy.

After a year of steady progress, both the cafe and the bowling alley are now in the final stage of interior design. G-Dragon has been staying in Jeju Island, installing his personal collections and painting pictures for the interior design.

Check out some images of the modern yet magnificent ‘G-Dragon Cafe‘ below:

G-Dragon’s agency YG Entertainment stated that his ‘Mônsant De Aewol‘, known as former ‘G-Dragon Cafe‘, had been sold at the end of last year. The cafe is now owned by another individual under a different name and has no longer anything to do with G-Dragon, according to YG Entertainment.

The agency also added, “The ‘chandelier damage’ incident that caused an online sensation is completely irrelevant to G-Dragon. This is because the personal collections that G-Dragon had installed were removed a long time ago as they were wrapping up the business.

The ‘chandelier damage’ incident refers to the controversy that broke out when a customer at ‘Mônsant De Aewol‘ accidentally damaged the chandelier reported to be worth 300 million won (approximately $283,400). The customer appeared to be unashamed of the accident and accused G-Dragon of placing the chandelier in a wrong position, even though G-Dragon only asked her to pay the repair work cost, saying he would pay for the rest. The post gained attention online and was deleted after several people criticized the writer for the problematic attitude.

With high spirits G-Dragon is now ready to launch his new cafe and bowling alley, very soon. This would be another one of G-Dragon’s business ventures following his clothing line PEACEMINUSONE which was launched in late 2016, cafe ‘Mônsant De Aewol‘ in Jeju Island (which had been sold last year) and his parents’ boutique hotel Dolce Vita in the Gyeonggi Province.

What are your thoughts on ‘G-Dragon Cafe’ design? How excited are you to visit G-Dragon’s cafe and bowling alley? Let us know in the comments section below!

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