Big Bang Celebrates 11 Years Since Their Debut!

Big Bang and VIP’s were trending on twitter with #BIGBANG11 to commemorate 11 years of this iconic group.

The legendary Kpop group made their debut on August 19 ,2006 under YG Entertainment. The group has made themselves known within South Korea and internationally. This group has made history as one of the leaders who helped spread the Korean wave.  Reminiscing on the groups first mini album “Always” all the way to their most recent album”MADE,” Big Bang has received so much recognition with their songs being hits and getting them to chart on the Billboards 200 list. Hopefully, in the near future they can comeback with more hits and more world tours.

To celebrate G-Dragon posted an old  picture on Instagram with the members with the caption being the month and day they debuted.


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Fans Posted heartfelt messages on twitter using the #BIGBANG11:

Happy 11th Year Anniversary Big Bang!



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