Best Macarons in Korea! -Sol macaron&cake-

Korea is often known for their cafes and bakeries with unique and beautiful sweet treats. One such bakery is Sol macaron&cake bakery located in Cheongju(청주) city. Sol came to our attention through their beautiful Instagram feed where they upload multiple times a day with images of the cute and unique desserts they are serving up at the bakery. They often change it up with not only diverse flavors but are always changing the color schemes!

On weekends their storefront in Cheongju city is always packed with people but they always make huge supplies of their most popular macarons to be sure everyone is happy. With multiple flavors, weekly color scheme changes, and limited quantity items available regularly it is no wonder so many people turn out to Sol for a piece of their treats.



The storefront piles the macarons high and are never at a loss for the many colors and flavors to satisfy any appetite. The flavors can be seen to be inspired from the typically delicious varieties like espresso, raspberry, and red velvet. To the more unique like grape fruit, red wine with figs, golden kiwi, and even Valrhona dark chocolate!


One of their popular ones recently has even been inspired by the likes of an earl gray tea milkshake, and the traditional Korean rice cake Injeolmi(인절미) which is often found in bingsu! They even offer chocolate dipped varieties!




Those Injeolmi macarons we mentioned! They use a kind of sweet cheese cream and are coated with Injeolmi powder. You can also see some double vanilla, red velvet and cream cheese, and even some green tea macarons in the background.


If you’re more of a person who likes variety they often two options for you! One is a sweet box filled with a few different flavors of whole macarons, and the other is a plastic can of all the different flavors cut into small triangles, looks so delicious right?!




Sol also offers numerous other treats like cake boxes, their own brand of milk teas, and cupcakes! If you’ve got a sweet tooth and want to head outside of Seoul, Sol macaroon&cake in Cheongju is a great place to hit up. With it’s sheer volume of space compared to Seoul it is an up and coming city with many things to offer.


Tell us at IHEARTKOREA what you think of these beautiful macarons! Are you going to take a trip off to Cheongju and eat your weight in sweets? Do you know any other amazing desert places in Korea? Let us know~!

All images are courtesy of Sol macaron&cake Instagram.  Show them some love!



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