Beginner k-poppers Expression Guide

Within k-pop we can see things we do not normally see in our day-to-day life. So we get confused whether this is just a cultural issue or some fashion thrown into the middle.

So thinking about it I decided to develop a post to explain to beginner kpoppers or even those who know but are not accustomed to things that happen inside k-pop. And that you need to understand and get accustomed to. So let’s go?

4D: Person with peculiar personality or out of the box
Annyeong (informal mode) / Annyeonghaseyo (formal mode): It means hello or hi, but you have to be careful with the hierarchical level that you are, because in South Korea is very important the respect of hierarchy.
Aegyo: It’s a very cute way to be. Have cute attitudes or try to be cute.
Ahjussi: Mr. A term used to refer to married or elderly men.
Ahjumma: Ma’am. Term used to refer to married or elderly women.
Appa: Dad
Apayo: Pain, painfull
All-Kill: This is the term used when a song managed to get first in nine of ten selling sites simultaneously and simultaneously in the daily rankin. Perfect All – Kill is when a song gets first place on all websites and in the weekly ranking for quite a long time. It ‘s a very rare feat or a few songs that have made it.
ABS: Acronym for abdomen. Have you ever heard the term chocolate abs? This expression used for defined abdomen, because it resembles the shape of a bar of chocolate.
Aigoo: is the same as saying “Oh my God”
-Ah / -Yah: Informal suffix used after the name of some person intimate to you, and about the same age as yours. The difference between “-Ah” and “-Yah” is that when the name of the staff. As you want to refer ends with a consonant, the term “-Ah” (Ex: Taeyeon-Ah) is used. Already when the name of the person you want to refer ends with a vowel, the term “-Yah” (Ex: Tablo-Yah) is used.
Babo: Idiot, fool.
Bias: is the term used to tell which is your favorite within a group. The ultimate bias is your favorite among all k-pop idols.
Big 3: reference the three largest entertaining companies in Korea, meaning we are talking about SM Ent., YG Ent. and JYP Ent.
Black Ocean: An act in which countless fans of diverse groups agree to turn off their lightsticks during the performance of a certain group or singer. As a way to show their discontent with certain actions of the artists.
Comeback: Return of an artist or group with a new project (new single, album, etc.)
CF: Acronym for “commercial film”.
Couple: When two artists form a “pair” in fans’ vision
Chingu: Friend
Chu: is a cute way to say Kiss.
CEO: The acronym Chief Executive Officer, which means Executive Director. It is the highest position in a company. Big 3’s CEOs are Kim Young Min (SM), Yang Hyun Suk (YG) and Park Jin Young (JYP), and the latter two are the founders of their agencies.
Charts: This is the way to sort the songs and albums according to their popularity.
Debut: The debut of a group, singer or actor.
Daebak: Amazing or to say that something is awesome
Dongsaeng: It’s like you can call a younger person than you or your younger brother / sister
Dorama / drama: Term used for Korean television productions such as series or novels.
Eye smile: An eye expression that shows the charisma of an artist when he smiles.
Fandom: Collective of fans of a certain artist or group. Example: ELF is Super Junior’s fandom. Blackjack is the fandom of 2NE1.
Fanservice: Actions done by idols and actors to make their fans happy.
Fanmeeting:Event where idols speak to fans, sign autographs, receive gifts, etc.
Fansigning / fansig: are events where idols only give autographs.
Fighting / Hwaiting: Support word used with encouragement, encouragement; it’s like saying “Strength” !.
Flower Boy: A man who is considered extremely handsome.
Gayo: Korean Pop.
Gamsahamnida: thank you (formal mode)
Hallyu: It’s Korean Wave. Used to showcase the success of Korean culture in other countries through its artists and products. It increased thanks to the work of the Big 3.
Hiatus: Period of pause / inactivity of the artists.
Hyung: Used by men when talking to known men who are a little older than them.
Hoobae: Term used to refer to someone younger and inexperienced in your area. EXID is a Miss A. hoobae group. Valid for both sexes.
Hanbok: Traditional clothing of Korean culture, commonly used in traditional festivals
Jjang: The best. Ex: Big bang are jjang.
Jib: Album, in terms of 1st album (1jib), 2nd album (2jib) ..,
Jjinjja: Expression meaning “serious”

Komawo: is a thank you (but you can only use that word, with close friend ok?) (Informal Mode).
Lightstick: Colored stick used by fans at their artists’ shows.
MV – Acronym of “music video”, video clip.
Maknae: Younger member of a group or a drama set or variety show.
Miane: It’s an apology: You mean “it was bad” (but you can only use that word, with a close friend, okay?)
Momzzang / momjjang: means better body. People who have perfect bodies that look like catwalk models.
Netizen: Junction of the words internet and citizen. Used to speak of people who actively use the internet and make various comments on various subjects. It’s the netizens.So K-netizens are the Korean netizens.
Noona: Used by men when talking to known women who are a little older than them.
NG: Acronym for “no good”, outtake, blooper. It is used in filming, when a take does not run well and therefore can not be availed in the final work.
Nomu: Very

Nugu: In Korean it means ‘who’, ‘that person’. It is used to talk about artists who are not popular.
Nim: Formal term (very formal), usually used when the person is of great status or importance.
Oppa: Used by women when talking to known men who are a little older than them.
Omma – Mother
OMO / Omoma: A look of surprise.
OTP: One True Pairing. It is when a fan realizes that he is in love with a certain couple be it fictitious or real and wants him to stay together forever.
Ottoke?: What to do? What should I do? And now?
Palli: Fast
Pre-Debut: Before the premiere. Trainee who are waiting for his debut in the artistic world.
Performance: Live performance.
Rookie: Someone new to your area who recently debuted in the middle of entertainment. Be an actor, singer or group.
Stans: Fans who are loyal to a particular agency and advocate for it at all costs. They also like all the company’s artists. They end up often being extremists.
Ship: Finding that your people match up like JongKey or EunHae.
Stalkter: comes from the term, Stalking, which for us means: crazy and addicted. Shout and shout the name, suffocate them with love, lol
Sasaeng: Extremist fans who tend to chase and create problems for artists.
Sataek – Taxis hired by sasaeng fans who help them chase the idols and accompany them in their investigations during the day.
Selca: Popular term in Korea for the word selfie, but that was created well before the version used worldwide. Selca comes from “self” and “camera”.
Skinship: The term was created by the Japanese using the words “skin” and “friendship”. In Korea it is used to show the intimacy between people through the touch. Since the Koreans do not have the culture to stay touching and touching others.

Sunbae: A term used to refer to someone older. Be it age (or school), someone close to you with a higher position than yours in a company. Or a singer, group, actor who has been on the scene for a while longer than others artists. Valid for both sexes.
Saranghaeyo: I love you
Trainee: Person who is training in an agency hoping to one day debut in a group or solo.
Ulzzang: The term is a mixture of Korean words for “better” and “face”. Used to speak of someone who is popular in social media for its beauty and / or style. You’re a very attractive person.
Unnie: Used by women when talking to known women who are a little older than them.
Yeobo: It’s a Korean word for “dear”. Usually fans hear this word being spoken by couples in doramas or in the variety program “We Got Married”.
Wae: Why?


So these are some of the more common expressions within k-pop, but of course there are more. However with these expressions you can already have a sense of certain things being said in Korean. And you like it?



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