Baggage Conveyor Belts installed in Seoul Station

4일 오후 서울 용산구 서울역 환승센터에서 한 관광객이 서울역과 지하철역(1·4)을 잇는 통로에 설치된 수하물 전용 컨베이어 벨트를 이용하고 있다. 2017.9.4/뉴스1

Here we are with another reason to love South Korea: Convoyer Belts in a subway station!

We know how much carrying luggages can be tiring and hard, but in Seoul you wouldn’t suffer anymore.

KORAIL has recently installed free automated conveyor belts in the train and subway stations (Lines 1-4) transit pathway within Seoul Station.


This is known to be the first baggage conveyor belts installed for train transfer passengers. With the installation of these belts, visitors can now easily move their luggage at the stairway.

Numerous travelers transferring from KTX, Airport Railroad, and Seoul subway through Seoul Station had no other option but to step up or down from the stairway while hand carrying their heavy luggage. To save visitors from this trouble, a total of four conveyor belts were installed in September, two on each side of the stairway moving in opposite directions. The conveyor belts were designed to be user-friendly in hopes of offering convenience to travelers transferring through Seoul Station.


South Korea will never stop amazing us.







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