April’s JinSol is harshly criticized for ruining Choi Hyun Woo’s magic show

April member JinSol, is harshly criticized for ruining the magician Choi Hyun Woo‘s show.

Choi Hyun Woo is the most famous magician of Korea. And loved by his hand tricks. As well as other incredible magic tricks. But during his recent show, JinSol, besides being MC, was his assistant. In one of the tricks, she did not wait for the magician to close the cage and lower the cloth. So spoiling all the trick.

Now his image and that of Choi Hyun Woo is pretty bad for that mistake. And the magician may get a fine from the Magic Association.

According to who was on the show, JinSol arrived just 20 minutes before the show. Affirming tiredness because of your overseas agenda. And so she did not rehearse before. In addition, her agency, DSP Media, did not make a statement or official apologies to the magician.

Netizens are harshly criticizing their actions:

“I can feel his anger when he stops and turns very slowly. He must have had many thoughts when he turned around. ” “Should not she at least apologize? If she was not confident, she should not have done it. She’s a nuisance … I will not be able to see her in a good way from now on. What’s Choi HyunWoo going to do with his career now? ” “I can not believe how happy she is …”, “She does not even look shocked or regretful …” and more.

What do you think about this incident?



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