5 Korean Beauty Products You Need to Buy! August 2017

Korean Beauty is getting more and more phenomenal around the world. Do you know why ?
The answer is easy; The quality is to DIE for !
As a Beauty addict, when I have first discovered the Korean Beauty World, I just got H-O-O-K-E-D !

Some of you may already have an idea about what I’m talking about but some may be so curious.
And that’s why I will be presenting each month : 5 Korean Beauty Products You Need to Buy !

August is reaching its end and I’m sure you guys have some pocket money you need to spend. Let me help you then ! 😀


We all know how important sunscreens are for our skin.
For korean women and men suncreen is an essentiel step to start off their day; they would never go out before applying their sunscreen.
It prevents all kind of sunburn and it protects the skin from cancer.
It is a little bit hard to choose only one sunscreen, but just make sure to get one that will suit your skintype.


2-Clio Kill Black Waterfproof Brush liner:

My all-time favorite eyeliner !
It’s waterproof so it’s perfcet for humid summer days ! It doesn’t smudge at all and it’s so thin and pigmented so you can apply it so easily .
It is also recommended by a lot of YouTube Beauty Gurus, so make sure to get one ASAP !
Price: 18000 won.


3-Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder:

I have tried a lot of loose powders and this one always wins over !
It smells SOOO GOOOOOD and it’s so soft on the skin, if you have an oily skin then this Skinfood powder will become your bestfriend !You can use it with a puff or a brush powder.
Price: 9000 won.


4-Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer:

Dark Circles ? Blemishes ? No worry, Clio has for you another must have item. Worth its name, the clio concealer is perfect for covering all of your skin imperfections. No wonder why it is PONY’s favorite !
Price: 16000 won.


5-Nature Republic Soothing & Moisure Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist:

I won”t hesitate to say that this is my all time favorite mist ! Why ? It’s cheap and..

Price: 5500 won.

That’s it for this month’s must have korean products, if you ever try any of the mentionned products please let us know !
And don’t forget to like, comment and share !



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