2PM’s Wooyoung renews his contract with JYP Entertainment.

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2PM‘s member Wooyoung shared that he renewed his contract and will be continuing with JYP Entertainment.

During an interview for his recent comeback, Wooyoung was asked about his contract with JYP, to which he replied, “I re-signed. Although the other members might each have their own circumstances, I chose the path of re-signing. It’s January of 2018.

He added, “The members might each have their own thoughts, but I don’t think that will cause any issue for 2PM. We decided not to cause pressure for each other at all about that.

He continues and explains, “Of course, it would make things tidy if we were all at JYP. However, ourselves as individuals come first. I think it’s right to respect ourselves as individuals. Respecting ourselves as individuals is the right choice for 2PM, I think. We promised each other that no matter where we go in the future, we’ll protect 2PM.

All the members of 2PM were in a 3 year contract with JYP Entertainment, that they signed back in 2015, and their exclusive contracts with the company will be ending this month.

In regards to their re-signing of the contract, a source from JYP reported that, “2PM still has time left on their contracts. Taecyeon is currently in the army, and the other members are each busy with their activities as actors and singers both in Korea and abroad, so we are currently in the process of consulting and re-signing in order.”

Meanwhile, Wooyoung made a comeback with his second mini album, featuring title track “Don’t Cry, on January 15th.

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