22 Hilarious Memes describing international K-pop fan’s struggles!

Here are listed 22 hilarious memes that accurately describe the different stages and struggles, every international K-pop fan goes through.

K-pop fans across the globe have gone through various stages of becoming a Kpopper and it is no secret, that once a kpopper, always a kpopper, so no matter how hard the struggle is, you are gonna dedicate your complete life to your bias.

If you are a kpoppers, get ready to relate to this. And if not, then get ready to be a part of an amazing experience because it’s never too late to become a kpopper.

Let’s get started:

1. This is how you think it all started (evil smile)!

2. Attacked by their gorgeous looks, outstanding singing and fabulous dancing abilities. Not just by one, but by a group of them.

And this is how it actually started!

3. Then there was no going back..

4. And just like that your life changes.

5. Being an international K-pop fan, you know the struggle is real when subtitles aren’t provided. First, you are mad because you don’t understand Korean. Then you realize that you have been smiling and fangirling throughout the video for no reason and now everybody thinks you’re crazy.

6. Suddenly, nothings more important to you in your entire life, than K-pop. Even you can’t stop that from happening.

7. Now, after discovering something so amazing, you can’t just keep it to yourselves. You have to get everybody you know into this, even if it is against their will.

Poor friends and family members who were forced into this cult (evil smile).

8. And then after forcing them into seeing a hundred videos, you get this reaction!

9. So, this becomes your reaction!

10. Now your mom tries telling everybody about your obsession.

11. And she thinks this is just a temporary thing…

12. Suddenly, mom is worried about you not having a boyfriend and this is how you prove her wrong.

13. Then your parents will be yelling at you to stop wasting time and to study. But you’re just sitting there like…

because you know there is no stopping.

14. Even though you have nobody by your side, you don’t give a damn…

because K-pop is the solution to all your problems.

15. Then comes the day, when you finally meet your soulmate.

16. And together you fight against the haters like…

17. Someday you find out that your bias starred in a K-drama and either one of this happens…


18. After using your internet skills into finding all the episodes with subtitles, you end up watching Lord knows how many more K-dramas. So now all you can think of, is…

19. One fine morning, you wake up to your phone buzzing with great news of your favorite K-pop group’s world tour, only to find out…

20. Finally realizing, that…

21. But this won’t stop you from believing, that one day you will definitely meet your bias. And so your Mission Impossible begins….

22. And if you were lucky enough, this must have happened to you…

I hope you enjoyed and could related to them, because I know I did. Let me know in the comments section below if I missed any stage that you went through.

Cheers to all the Kpoppers around the world! Together let’s expand this family (wink wink)!

Welcoming a new kpopper



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