2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics ticket sales surpasses 60 percent.

2018 PyeongChang Olympics

On December 24th, the event organizers of 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics reported that the ticket sales surpassed 60 percent.

With just 47 days remaining until February 9th opening ceremony of the first Winter Games in South Korea, and as of Thursday, 655,000 tickets had been sold, which is 61 percent of the organizers’ target of 1.07 million tickets.

The organizing committee stated that the sales had picked up in the recent weeks, with the torch relay, which began on November 1st. Initially the rate of ticket sales had been a little sluggish, but the organizing team could surpass the 50 percent mark on November 24th, boosting the sales pace.  The organizing committee also added, “The recent opening of the new high-speed railway connecting Seoul and PyeongChang, some 180 kilometers east of the capital, should further boost ticket sales.

2018 PyeongChang Olympics

The quadrennial competition will run through February 25th, with athletes competing for a record 102 gold medals across seven sports and 15 disciplines. Among the various sports, Alpine skiing has been the most popular so far, with 81 percent tickets sold, followed by Cross-country skiing with 79 percent, short track speed skiing with 74 percent and bobsleigh with 70 percent tickets sold. The tickets for the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics has also passed 67 percent of its ticket sales, so far.

For the March 9th-18th Winter Paralympics as well, 37 percent of the ticket sales target, which is 81,000 tickets of 220,000 have been sold as of Thursday.

You can purchase the tickets for 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics online at tickets.pyeongchang2018.com or offline at select locations across South Korea, including Seoul City Hall, Incheon and Gimpo international airports and 19 KTX stations.

The Olympic ticket holders can avail of various benefits which include discounts on KTX train tickets, free access to shuttle buses to and from competition venues, and toll exemptions on highways reaching PyeongChang and other Olympic hosting areas.

You can also check out the unique tickets design for 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics here.

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