2018 Olympics ceremonies director explains why PSY declined when approached to perform.

director Song Sueng Hwan explains why PSY declined to perform at Olympics

On February 26th, Song Seung Hwan, the director of the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, guested on tbs FM’s radio show “Kim Eo Jun’s News Factory.”

During the broadcast, the director shared the various aspects of the opening and closing ceremonies and also addressed a question that many had been curious about. The radio jockey stated, “There was a lot of talk saying, ‘While there are many internationally famous singers, wouldn’t PSY appear based on his recognition?’ A lot of people asked why PSY didn’t perform [at the ceremonies].

To that Song Seung Hwan replied explaining, “I met with PSY. However, he himself was burdened by the thought of continuing to perform ‘Gangnam Style.’ Instead, we included ‘Gangnam Style’ when the athletes were entering during the opening ceremony. For that, PSY said he would personally arrange the music, so [the track used] was one arranged by PSY himself.

When asked if PSY had declined an offer to perform, the director answered, “That’s right. He said that he was highly criticized during the Asian Games.” Previously, PSY had performed at the 2014 Asian Games opening ceremony.

Song Seung Hwan added, “I think it’s quite difficult, being a celebrity. If they perform at some event, people criticize them saying, ‘Why did they appear?,’ and if they don’t appear, they’re criticized for not appearing.

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