15 Minutes to Change the World: the Korean version of TED Talks

세비시(Sebasi) or 상을 꾸는 간 15분 (15 Minutes to Change the World) is the Korean equivalent of TED (Ideas Worth Spreading). It is a platform for sharing 15-minute lectures on art, technology, sociology, health, etc. in hopes of changing the world for the better.

Listening to these lectures might be good practice for your Korean listening skills and a way to learn advanced vocabulary which is sure to impress your friends, but they also provide valuable and interesting insights about life and the world both in Korea and globally. For anyone interested in Korean social issues, or social issues generally, this is a quick and accessible way to learn whilst also practicing your Korean.

You can check the Sebasi website, watch the videos on their app, or just find all the videos on their Youtube channel (in particular, check these playlists to find the videos that have subtitles in English, Korean, and other languages).


Here’s some ideas for studying using these videos: 

Pick a video that has both English(/your native language) and Korean subtitles, like this one about education in South Korea.
Listen to the lecture first without any subtitles, don’t worry about trying to understand every word but get an overview of what the talk is about.
Watch the video again with the Korean subtitles, make note of any of the most important words that you didn’t catch in the first listening (again, don’t worry about every single word, just the ones that seem useful or important for understanding the content). See if you can figure out the meaning from context.
Watch the video a third time with the English subtitles. Don’t rely on them completely but use them to check the meaning of any parts you really couldn’t understand.
If you’re a really dedicated student, watch the video with no subtitles again and see how much more you can hear and understand than the first time.

Sebasi also has an open translation project for anyone who would like to help writing subtitles in order to share more of these Korean lectures with the world.



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